Souverein Postproduction & CGI

CGI and postproduction: Souverein Weesp

Robot design and sketching: Souverein Weesp

Photography and creative direction: Paul Ruigrok

Agency: Brittany McCullers

These three campaing images were created for Isomil 2 (baby formula). The backgrounds and babies were photographed by Paul Ruigrok. The robot was designed and created in 3D by us. Extensive postproduction was done to create the babies from different inputs.        

ABN Amro Financieren

CGI and postproduction done by Souverein Weesp
photographer Paul Ruigrok (stadium)
Photographer Lukas Gobel @ Unit C.M.A. (farm/ building) 
photographer Rene Bosch @ Unit C.M.A. (pill bottle)
agency Selmore creative agency