Souverein Postproduction & CGI
Postproduction and CGI: Souverein
Concept design and development: Souverein
Photography: Souverein
Kids are dreamers and have great imagination! Sitting at the table and enjoying their breakfast, their mind wanders off and they start to see fantastic things. A small boy looks at his cereal bowl and a roaring dragon emerges from the milk in his mind! Somewhere else a girl lazely stares at her pancakes while honey is poured on top of it. In her mind the slowly pouring honey starts to form snails crawling around her pancakes!
Fantastic breakfast in a portfolio project we’ve been working on for some time and now it’s finally finished! It combines photography with 3D and has been completely realised by Souverein, from concept to execution. The backgrounds and the children have been photographed, while everything else has been modeled and rendered in 3D.
Postproduction and CGI: Souverein
Packshot Photography: Souverein
Client: Remia
Agency: McCann

This project was created for Remia (a producer of all kinds of sauces like mayonaise, etc) and their new product range of barbeque sauces. The TV commercial (which can be seen at the bottem of the page) was already in production and we had to made the still that should have the look and feel of a movie poster.
Everyting (apart from Sylvester Stallone and Jan Kooijman who were photographed) was created by us by using stock material, illustration and 3D. Four different versions were created, all used in different forms of print.  

CGI and postproduction: Souverein Weesp
Photography: Ebo Fraterman @ Unit C.M.A.
Agency: Havas Worldwide Brussels
Art Director: Nam Simonis
Paint Artist: Fransizka Loeding

Campaign for the new Fyra high speed trains that travel between Belgium and the Netherlands. The effect to be created was that of a Fyra train driving very fast through a puddle of paint, spraying the specific areas/objects.

The paint effect was created by combining different techniques, including CG paint, real photographed paint and illustration. All the paint and models were photographed in our own studio.   

CGI & Postproduction: Souverein Weesp
Photography and creative direction: Corriette Schoenaerts @ Unit C.M.A.

A series of three images created for the fashion edition of Volkskrant Magazine together with the Dutch photographer Corriette Schoenaerts. It was a combined project in which 3D was used as a more abstract and artistic tool rather then used for creating highly realistic renders. Lots of little elements were created in 3D and combined with the photography to create the three main visuals.

Each visual presents clothing for a specific group; men, women and childeren, as can be seen in the actual magazine below.   

G-Star Eyewear

Postproduction: Souverein
Photography: Bert Teunissen

Photography campaign created for G-Star Eyewear. Postproduction was done by Souverein.   

Postproduction: Souverein Weesp
Photography: Flore Zoé

"Reflections of History" is an art series done by the photographer Flore Zoé. It is a series on recreation from 1880 until now. The postproduction was done by us.      

Postproduction: Souverein
Photographer: Hans van Brakel @ House of Orange
Agency: Nomads
Production: Julia Llams @ rare/medium/welldone

Images created for the Emirates’ luxury A380 Airplane. One of our Photoshop operators was on site the whole time while the project was shot. Extensive postproduction was done to create these visuals, since the scenes were all shot in a studio and not in the actual plane, so the trick was to make it all seem as real as possible. See below for reference shots on the set!       

CGI and postproduction: Souverein Weesp
Sketching and model design:  Souverein Weesp
Concept: Cade Martin and Souverein Weesp
Photography: Cade Martin

The day after the Bayou party, the alligators come home and clean up there mess. It is the second visual in the “Life in the Bayou” series.  

The Bayou location was photographed and the rest created in 3D and post. 

The Alligator models were designed and created by us. Positioning was done with a rig and Maya’s muscle sytem for some parts of the body.        

Metro - World Leaders

These visuals were created for the free newspaper Metro (

It was a promotional campaign depicting famous world leaders in common day situations, The world leaders were re-created by combining photographed models in different lighting situations with original photographic material.        

RTelecom - Dom.RU

CGI and postproduction: Souverein Weesp

Photography and creative direction: Jaap Vliegenthart

The inserts in the televions were all created in 3D (apart from the people in the balloon). The message of the campaign was that there was so much content on the HD channels, it was spilling out of your television.